Agya Koo denies ‘run to America with your children’ claim

Agya Koo has denied some media report

• The actor was quoted to have advised parents to send their children abroad due to poor living condition

• According to him, the government is doing their best for the country

Kumawood actor, Agya Koo has denied media reports which quoted him to have said that parents in Ghana should send their children abroad due to the poor living standards in the country.

Reacting to the claim, the actor, in a video sighted by GhanaWeb on his Facebook page, denied the reportage adding that it was part of plans by some persons to incite hatred from his political party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“It hurts when people try to ruin your reputation, they can use just a single day to bring you down. Some online platforms are trying to wrongly accuse me of something I didn’t say. In fact, I can never say that. They claim I have issued a strong warning to parents to send their children abroad. Those circulating the news did not call me to confirm the story.

“I never said that, as we know, they couldn’t even provide a voice or a video of me saying that. Just because I am famous and also close to the NPP, they want to say this to disgrace the party but I want to let them know that this cannot shame the party,” said the actor.

Agya Koo who is a strong supporter of the NPP is quoted to have said: “Currently, most parents in this country are not comfortable even when their kids go out to play because they fear something might happen to their children. For me, if you are a parent and you have what it takes, send your children to America or other safer countries. The killing and kidnapping are too much in this country,” he is quoted as saying.”

He has asked the public to ignore the publication adding that he is still a staunch supporter of the New Patriotic Party and the Akufo-Addo government.

Watch the video below:

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