Promising Ghanaian artistes whose career have taken a nose dive

Eshun, Kurl Songx and OV have all parted ways with their management Eshun, Kurl Songx and OV have all parted ways with their management

• Some artistes parted ways with their management on bad terms

• Not much has been heard of them since their exit

• Most of them have in the past blessed the country with popular hit songs

These once-thriving musicians after exiting their record labels seem to have been missing in action.

For whatever reasons that necessitated their departure, not much have been heard of them especially with regards to their craft which fans have seemingly missed very much.

Although some of them left to pursue different interests, others parted ways with their record labels in a ‘nasty’ manner and have since not been able to make anything good out of their career

Not forgetting some unfavourable contractual clauses which perhaps they could not deal with.


It has been almost two years since OV’s exit from the Burniton Music Group.

Barbara Naa Okailey popularly known as ‘OV’ was the second artiste to leave the record label after Kelvynbwoy in 2020.

After leaving Burniton Music Group for Blakk Cedi’s Black Arm Entertainment Label, not much have been heard of the singer.

She released a number of songs which was catching up but due to non-promotion, the songs are not doing well as it ought to.

Yaw Berk

Randy Yaw Amoah, popularly known as Yaw Berk exited the Highly Spiritual Label in 2019 after a misunderstanding with his manager, Kaywa. This was after their working relationship lasted for about just a year.

Yaw Berk who seems regretful of his actions has been captured in recent times during series of platforms apologizing to his former boss Kaywa and pleading for a comeback.

Nothing has been heard of the artiste since his fallout with his former record label.

Kurl songx

After ‘blasting’ his manager and accusing him of not promoting his songs, Kurl Songx left the ‘Highly Spiritual’ label in 2019.

Since then, not much has been heard of the ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hitmaker. Although he has pleaded on several counts for his manager to accept him back, the apologies have been unfruitful.

Kurl Songx in the past has released several hits including, Jennifer Lomotey, Feeling, Trumpet.


Eshun who claimed to have suffered abuse parted ways with her manager who was also her boyfriend sometime in 2020.

After 5 years of working relationship, the songstress had a ‘nasty’ break up with her manager and went silent after.

Eshun’s career was gradually picking up after she released a couple of hit songs including ‘Someone loves me’, ‘Akyia’.

Meanwhile, she was heard in a recent discussion with UTV’s United Showbiz explaining to fans that her long silence has been a result of schooling.

Eshun said she is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Management at an undisclosed university.

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