Shatta Wale details major obstacles impeding the release of GOG album

Shatta Wale is expected to release his third album

• He is, however, unable to do so because some collaborations have not been successful

• He has asked his fans to exercise patience

After massively publicizing the ‘Gift of God’ album which subsequently heightened anticipations, Shatta Wale is yet to release the piece, a development that has left some fans puzzled as they wonder what could be causing the delay.

Offering an explanation on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Wednesday, the musician said the kinds of artistes he needs on the album, coupled with the fact that he is not on any label have been the challenges.

“I’m trying to spread my wings across the world. With this album, the features I want to do, I really want to get them. The key people on the album are what I’m waiting for now. It’s not easy to get certain artistes on your album just like that because these are bigger artistes who are working with bigger labels”, Shatta Wale said.

He continued: “I’m an independent artiste. If I had a label, everything would be working for me.”

Shatta Wale further remarked that although there are record labels in the country, the economic situation and how the Ghanaian music industry is structured make investment problematic.

He said: “I have labels in Ghana that could have done stuff for me but check the status of our country and the structure of the music industry; there is no money so basically, people should relax for me because it’s just Shatta Wale and his team that is trying to build an album…”.

Based on what he hopes to achieve with the GOG album, Shatta Wale resolved to be patient. According to him, “if it’d even take me 5 years to do my GOG album, I’ll use 5 years.”

Shatta Wale has two albums to his credit. He made a statement with ‘After the Storm’ and ‘Reign’ albums in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

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