Moans&Cuddles: Should every dream wedding be lavish?

The reality on the ground is that, if couples do not properly plan their wedding, they will drown in debt after organizing their dream wedding.

In a world where people try to impress society by borrowing to organise a big wedding, it is only right that partners who are planning their wedding work with money available to them.

But what happens when your partner pushes you to break the bank for a lavish wedding? Should you back out or take a loan just to make their dream come true?

On this episode of Moans and Cuddle on GhanaWeb TV, host Paulina Dedaa Opoku, and her guests, discuss the issue of whether “Every dream wedding should be lavish.”

Event MC, MysterPratt and CEO of Dzii’s Collection, Bridget Ama Ayimadu, take the seat as guests on this eye-opening discussion on what to do when planning a wedding.

According to MysterPratt, “There are families in Ghana where their fathers completely take care of the wedding cost. All you have to do is bring them the list and let them know what you need. They will tell you, let’s do luxury, I want this type of hotel and food, just find the people, bring me the bill and I will sort it out.”

Also, Mrs Ayimadu admonished women to play their part by supporting their husbands-to-be with wedding expenses.

Watch this episode of Moans and Cuddles below:

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