Your ‘do or die’ comment connotes violence, withdraw it – Nana Akomea to Mahama

Nana Akomea, Managing Director of the State Transport Company Nana Akomea, Managing Director of the State Transport Company

• John Mahama has said that the 2024 comment is a ‘do or die’ affair for the NDC

•He said the party will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they win the elections at the polls

Nana Akomea wants him to apologize for the comments

Former President John Dramani Mahama has been advised to withdraw his ‘do or die’ comment.

Nana Akomea, the Managing Director of the State Transport Company believes that the comment is an instigation of supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress ahead of the 2024 elections.

Nana Akomea is of the view that John Mahama will be showing maturity if he takes back his words and apologizes.

The former Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, according to a Citinewsroom report, added the comment is a promotion of violence.

“He should come out very quickly to say the expression I used, if it connotes violence and death, that is not what I meant and I withdraw it. It is not weakness, it is strength. We are sad about the unfortunate death at Techiman, but what John Dramani Mahama is saying is actually justifying the thing.”

John Mahama in one of his ‘thank you tours’ John Mahama said that the party will be vigilant at the polling stations since it has become apparent that elections can only be won at the polling stations.

“The 2020 elections were rigged for the NPP. We have however accepted the ruling of the Supreme Court for the sake of peace. However, come 2024, the NDC will be extra vigilant at the polling stations because that is where the elections are won.

“So at the polling station [in the next election], it will be a do or die. I am not saying all die be die. I’m saying it will be ‘do or die’ because the right thing must be done,” Mahama said.

He has been heavily criticized and urged to retract the statement but John Mahama has justified the comments.

“It is an idiomatic expression. In the English Language, we have idioms in there. I think those who left school early do not understand idiomatic expressions. Do or die means a critical assignment you have, and you must do the needful or perish. What it means is that [officials of the] NDC shouldn’t wait and go to the Supreme Court again.

“So we have to do whatever we need to do at the polling station and the collation centres. So I won’t retract. The next election for NDC is going to be a do-or-die affair because we have to do the right thing at the polling stations. So I’m telling all our party executives that they must be at the polling stations and make sure the right thing is done. They must also be at the collation centres and make sure the right thing is done.”

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